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Alexander KjerulfI was tagged by Peggy Andrews at The Career Encouragement Blog to tell the world 8 random things about me.

I am more than happy to oblige. Here are 8 random things few people know (and even fewer want to know) about me :o)

  1. I loooooove sci-fi in books, movies and TV. Firefly, Dune, Neuromancer, The Matrix, Cryptonomicon, Heroes, The Stainless Steel Rat, Lost, the Vorkosigan books, The Dresden Files (the books, NOT the TV show), Blade Runner, the Alien movies … you name it.
  2. I go to the movies 1-2 times a week on average. Last movie I saw: Planet Terror (Grindhouse Vol. 2). It’s utterly disgusting and it rocks :o)
  3. I love design. In many ways, how a thing looks is more important to me than how well it works. I bought my motorcycle not for its performance or durability – but because it’s pretty.
  4. 2-3 times a week, I teach aerobics in Scandinaviaís largest fitness chain. Thatís right – I get paid to exercise :o)
  5. Iím half Greek, half Danish; was born in Tunisia; lived in Spain as a small child; grew up in Denmark.
  6. Iím a certified laughter instructor. I took a course in laughter yoga with the Indian doctor who invented them, which means I know how to get groups of people to laugh at absolutely nothing.
  7. I read. A lot. At any given time, Iím reading 3-5 different books. I canít go to sleep at night without something to read.
  8. I recently took up a new hobby. Wakeboarding. MAN, that’s a lot of fun. If the weather wasn’t so bad in Copenhagen these days, I’d be there every day :o) See below!

My new hobby: Wakeboarding at the Copenhagen Cable Park. Watch the end of the video for my grand finale:

I’m supposed to pass this on to 8 people, but I’ll limit myself and pass the tag on to:

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  1. Wakeboarding, eh? Visit us here in Oz and I’ll take you wakeboarding at the home of surfing – Bells Beach – home of companies Rip Curl, Quicksilver and Billabong – who say when the surf’;s up their staff are EXPECTED to go surfing. Now that’s what i call ‘happy at work’. BTW, it’s where I live too – s’pose someone has to :-)



  2. Hi Alexander – Thanks for participating! We’ll be visiting family in DK next summer so I will be sure to scan the lakes and harbors to see if you are wakeboarding!

  3. Alexander.
    Are you sure about this? I kow have in image of a lycra clad book worm with a board under one arm and an unrelenting smile . . . is that really what a man of your status and good reputation wants to project?
    . . . . .Ahhh well . .. perhaps that’s not so bad after all. :-)

  4. Viv: Wow – that does NOT sound bad at all. I’m just polishing my style here in Copenhagen and then I’ll come to Oz and shine :o)

    And I really like the idea of expecting employees to surf. Reminds me of what Patagonia do: https://positivesharing.com/2003/10/quote-44/

    Steve: No, when people fail the class, the others laugh at them.

    Peggy: Please let me know when you’re in town – we can have a cup of coffee and exchange experiences!

    TessB: That IS quite a mental image right there :o)

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