6 thoughts on “They tell me that all the cool kids do it…”

  1. My latest post at CheerfulMonk.com is entitled, “Happiness, The Purpose of Life?”. Both it and my latest post at StressToPower.com/blog (entitled The Greatest Teachers) link to the Dalai Lama’s article (http://www.dalailama.com/page.166.htm) on Compassion and the Individual. In that article he says happiness is the purpose of human life and compassion and love for your fellow human beings is the basis of happiness. That way of looking at things is probably pretty resiliant.

  2. I suppose that it was like that when we were kids.
    It is when something preserved to the happy few went out to the vast public, that it ceased to be cool…
    Hotmail => Friendsters => MySpace => Facebook => Twitter => ?
    What is the next big thing then ?

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