Happy link collection weekly roundup

Links by you!Here are this week’s highest rated links from the Happiness at Work Link Collection:

25 Ways to Improve Your Mood When People Around You Are Miserable. Includes 2: Make friends, 3: Do things you love, 6: Take a walk, 11: Smile, 25: Get out of the office

Learn How to Take Criticism. “Criticism is your friend. Love it, embrace it, cherish it, cultivate it, and most importantly, never fear it.”

2008 Sick Day Calendar. “A new year is upon us and that means it’s time for the Official Sick Day Calendar from your friends at Jobacle. Get your excuses ready now! Remember, only a sucker loses days at the end the year!”

Do What you Love and Money Will Follow. A study of business school graduates tracked the careers of 1,500 people from 1960 to 1980. From the beginning, the graduates were grouped into two categories. Category A consisted of people who said they wanted to make money first so they could do what they really wanted to do later after they took care of their financial concerns. Those in category B pursued their interests first, sure that the money eventually would follow. After 20 years, there were 101 millionaires in the group. Only one came from category A, 100 from category B.

Work-Life Balance: A Conspiracy of Optimism. “Work-Life balance is, at best, a fabrication. At worst, a cruel hoax. Itís time to stop believing all the hype. As adults, we well understand that itís never been a question of balance. Itís always been a question of choice. As the Spanish proverb reminds us: ďTake what you want, says God, just pay for it.Ē

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