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  1. Hi Alex,

    how r u doing? let me introduce my self I am Chetna Desai a resident of Mumbai, India. Would love to give you a brief information about my background I am a social worker(I prefer to use the word Development Worker) having 10 years expereince and last 4 years working for an International funding organization called terre Des Hommes-Germany India, I think there is Terre Des Hommes chapter in Denmark too.

    But this February I decided to take a U-turn to gain some experience in academic field, currently I am developing curriculum for Russel Square International college they offer London School of Economic courses in Mumbai and also run the first IB school in India called Ecole Mondial World school. I am developing course curriculum on Entrepreneurship the program is titled as CEED(Certificate of Excellence in Entrepreneurship Development). While doing research I came across your blog and have been completely overwhelmed and bowled by it, the concepts are simple but amazing and very few people pay attention to
    these things, which are of such vital importance.

    We need your advice and consensus, we want to include happiness at work in the course curriculum, because I want to focus more on aspects of creativity n happiness and creating a happy work culture and in turn a happy and productive organizations because I have gone through thousands of courses on entreprenurship focusiing only on mundane topics. I want the program to be different and really make difference.

    I also shared with my boss about ur articles n book and he even suggested that if possible in future it would be great if we can organize your visit to India and held discussion with our students as well as corporates, if you already have any contacts in India that would be great.

    We look forward a fruitful and happy association with you,

    happy working
    Chetna Desai

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