My super power

I got this in an email today:

You know, if we all lived in a comic book, your super power would be making people happy. You really do have a knack.

Thanks Greg, that would be my super power of choice :o)

Interestingly, though I am a comic book fan, I can’t think of a single superhero or -villain who has that particular power. There are plenty that can generate fear – but none that have happiness as their primary talent.

Maybe the time has come for… Happyman!

Another email came in from Rodney North from Equal Exchange who also spoke at the best business conference ever (WorldBlu Live in New York):

I just wanted you to know that one, good thing that I definitely got from the WorldBlu conference was your talk. More specifically it was the importance of making eye contact, and maybe a touch, and saying — and really meaning — “good morning” to my colleagues.

It has, of course, made a positive difference for me, and I think to others, too.

It’s like I always say: Happiness at work is not rocket science. It doesn’t come from reports, strategies, policies or white papers – it comes from the little things that you and I do here and now. Of course stuff like saying good morning and making eye contact is banal – that’s why it works!

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