9 thoughts on “Friday Spoing!”

  1. Fantastic good fun! Congratulations on your marriage – here’s wishing you both a very happy life together. You’ve started it well!


  2. The king is dead – long live the king!!

    Thanks for sharing this with all your many fans. May the joy of the occasion remain with you through all your days and you happiness be topped by a litter of equally happy little hound dogs of your own!

    Sincere best wishes

  3. Alex,It looks like you could be the perfect candidate for next seasons ‘Vild med Dance’ (Strictly Come Dancing ). Have you tried to work out how many time the Danish wedding walse has been used in Vegas?

  4. this was really great to watch and see your happiness, congratulations. You have a great blog, let me know if you are coming to Australia and we can see who we can set you up with. Brendon

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