Friday Spoing

This is a real video of real cops on the streets of Copenhagen (close to where I live, actually) Ålborg (at the opposite end of Denmark from where I live) stopping people on bikes to… well, watch it for yourself:

(Thanks, Jan, for pointing out my disturbingly low knowledge of geography :o).

5 thoughts on “Friday Spoing”

  1. wow, I so miss denmark now… that was such a nice, genious touch from the danish politi, I would wear a helmet as well if someone would come up and do this to me… put a smile on my face…

  2. I’d love to know what the police officers are saying to the individuals they stop.
    My uninformed guess is it’s something to the effect of “people care about you. wear a helmet and live longer”.

    Thank you for showing that video. I’ll need to make sure I stop in more regularly at the Chief Happiness Officer HQ.

  3. In all fairness, the location of this video is the street of Vesterbro in Aalborg, close to the Limfjord Bridge.

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