Name us!

Help us find a new name

We want a new name. ‘Cause the name we have right now sucks :o)

Currently our company is called “Projekt Arbejdsglæde” (The Happy at Work Project) which doesn’t work for two reasons:

  1. It’s in Danish – and we’re increasingly working outside of Denmark
  2. It doesn’t even sound that good in Danish :o)

You know how we even got that name? Back when I founded the company, I couldn’t come up with a name for it. So I said “Until I come up with a name, we’ll just call it The Happy at Work Project.” Biiiiiig mistake :o)

So – we want a new name. And we’d love your help.

Here are some parameters:

  • The name has to signify energy, joy, happiness, zest.
  • We’re keeping our logo (the little jumping dude you can see above), so something that connects to jumping would be great!
  • We want something different, provocative, interesting, untraditional and fun. Something that’ll grab people’s attention.
  • It should work in as many languages as possible.
  • The .com domain name should be free.

Just to give you a sense of what we want – we’d actually decided to go with the name SPOING inc. Then it turned out that there is already another company in Demark called Spoing. Darn!

So… do you have an idea for a name for our company? Write a comment.

Everyone who suggests a name will receive a free pdf e-book copy of my first book Happy Hour is 9 to 5. So have at it  - I can’t wait to see what you guys come up with :o)

58 thoughts on “Name us!”

  1. “Boing Spagoing!” – isn’t that the sound of a jumping spring? ;-)


    “Quantum leap” – isn’t that what you do for others?


    “Bounce” (springkraft) – the force in you?

    – Just a couple og thoughts..

    :) Anne

  2. The little jumping dude sure looks like he’s saying “Yahoo!”, but I think that name is taken… So how about “Woohoo”, or perhaps “Workhoo”?

  3. “FunRocks” or shorter “Funrox”; simple and derived from your logo description.

    a bit silly: “Dingeling”

    “Funfactory” would also be a more obvious one, however I’m happy to have googled it before recommending:-)

  4. Happiness: Enjoying, showing, or marked by pleasure, satisfaction, or joy.

    “Work Marked by Pleasure”
    “Results Marked by Pleasure”
    “Happyness@Work” written with a Y ;-)

  5. ALOHA!

    I look at the dude – then I feel zest he looks like he is saying YESSS!

    He is lika a sun BEAM that spreads his JOY out to everyone around him. his TIE makes us think he is at work, so HAPPY TIES should be something he would agree with.

    Maybe his is showing us that he is happy to be at work, so HAPPY WORKERS could be a very good name too.

    Or else just these ideas could be used and abused.

    “we could not come of acompany name, so just feel the energy when we work”…
    WE-EEE(We evolve, educate, entertain)
    THE SEQUEL( to projekt arbejdsgl

  6. Joy Happens

    Joy 9 to 5


    Make it Work

    Happy Dayz (Daze)



    GoodTimes(z) 9 to 5

    Making it Work


    925 Project


  7. Work for Fun Foundation (WFF)

    “What do you do?” “I Work for Wun” :-) Feels kind of empowering and flippant at the same time. Could also be a strapline.

    Work for Life/Live to work

    Joyful Jobs

    Happy Careers

    Work for Happiness/Work for Joy

    (also suggests you have to “work” to achieve happiness (ie. it’s not easy to do) as well as have a job)

    Career Clowns

    (you might get mistaken for a self-help career book for Clowns though!)

    Professional happiness/The Happy Professionals

    Employed for joy/Joyously employed/Joyful employment

    Job for Joy

    Jomp/Joymp (nonsense word – like “Skype” – that combines “Job” or “Joy” with “Jump” I don’t speak Danish but it could also pass for a real word…)

    Spling/Sploing/Sproing – going with your initial thoughts (assuming Spoing is a nonsense word…does it mean sthg in Danish?)

    The Playhouse Cubicle

    The Office of Joy

    PS – I don’t mean to put a downer on anything and I’m no designer but I have to say that your logo sort of looked quite “Clip Art” design to me. I get the action and what it signifies- but maybe it needs to look a little bit more distinct and modern? Again, hate to criticise as I think you’re doing great things but I think it could be better…

  8. Workplayce
    Confuscius – after all it was him who’s credited with saying that “Find yourself a job you enjoy and you’ll never have to go to work…” 3000 years ago too.

  9. The guy makes me think that he is shouting for joy at the very thought of working.
    Here are a few thoughts that I was having – someof them have some sort of website associated with them but nothing really concrete.
    Jork – Joy at work
    Splout – Explosive Joyous Shout
    Sploy – Shourt for Joy
    Plark – Play at work
    Splork you get the point. I’m thinking Dr. Suess meets the CHO!

    If nothing else, I hope they can contribute to the brainstorming session!

    Love the post and thanks for sharing your insights with us!


  10. How about


    Several ways to interpret the name Going (like the sound) Happy. Or GoingHappy (like going nuts, but better :D)

    Both .com and .dk are available

  11. Jubilacence
    Joyus Salt Mining
    Fwork – Fun At Work
    VVV – The Vivacious Vaullting Vocation Project

  12. Project ArbyGlad or Project RBGlad (shows a nice evolution from your original name). It’s unique catchy and mysterious until you explain the Danish roots.

  13. Hi Alex!

    I suggest “Mondaaay” (don’t know how it sounds in Dutch though). The idea is that people hate Mondays, because it’s the beginning of the working week (and usually the most hated day). So, you and your team make people love Mondays, because they feel happy at work. I also think that the name goes very well with the jumping guy :-)

    Good luck with this!

  14. -Chief Happniess Office/Officers
    -Zesty Sprinkles

    Hope that helps or at least sparks more ideas. Continue the wonderful work; definitely helped to improve my outlook of work!!!

  15. My suggestions

    Fun @ work – Fork (also stands as a fork between choosing to be happy or otherwise at work)

    Fresh at Five PM – FREFI

    Proactive Khushi – ProKhush (Khushi in sanskrit means happiness)

    Live and Let Live – Lileli

    High Spirits – HighSpi

    Furahi Kazi – Fukazi (Furahi – happiness, Kazi- work in swahili. Fukazi also sounds good with the dancing logo)

  16. JobJoy
    Joie, Inc
    Chirpy Corp.
    Workful Play
    Jobilant (play on jubilant, but if I have to explain it then it’s prob. not ideal)

  17. Going to try a last time, this didnt go through the last three times i tried:



    Both domains free

  18. I think that people tend to make this more complicated than it needs to be. You have a good logo, perhaps could be a slight bit better, but people can already recognize you by that. Even a commonplace word would work here, or perhaps a compound of two. After all, the simplest are the easiest for the customer to remember, especially if they have just heard of you by word of mouth as might easily be found in the consultancy business. And make the blue color a bit more noticable.

    However, you might consider the following


  19. My thoughts were:


    I have checked and couldnt find any domains by those names. I love what you do. It’s good to hear that more people are getting the “how to” on incorporating work into a healthy happy life.

  20. I had another thought just as I was signing off.


    Playing off reverberation; why not reverberatfun. This is not a domain either.

  21. Hi Alex

    Positive sharing always work miracles on my mood, my ideas and creativity, thank you, tak.

    I was very inspired by triple jump for incorporating jumping


    Hope to see you in the new year.

  22. Hello Alex from Montreal, Canada.

    My rapid suggestions:
    – WTFun (what the fun)
    – CarpeDiem
    – CatchLajoie

    Regards, Happy New Year

  23. Hi.

    This is the first time I went around your website and it’s so cool! :)

    I want to suggest…

    a pinch of sunshine

    poke happiness

    Thanks for sharing in the fun!

    Happy New Year!

  24. I like your website and the contents you put up very much. Wonder when organisations around the world will start practising your concepts and I get the chance to work in one of them.

    Here goes my suggestions:

    o Project Hahaha
    o Smile a Mile
    o Bounce at Work
    o Jumpin’ Happy
    o Happiness Unplugged
    o Happiness Guaranteed
    o Smiles Guaranteed
    o Delightful Work Hours

  25. how about a play on the phrase ‘worked up’ which is usually negative but instead ‘Working up’ which is active like the logo and emphasise up as being positive.

  26. Lork

    A new verb which means to love your work. A verb that I could not use to describe myself but have decided that with the new year I will one day say ” lork!”.

    Any suggestions on trying to find yourself and your career? I got conned into becoming a public auditor straight out of college. It’s clearly not the job for me. Are there any places out there that a CPA can work normal business hours, travel, meet different people and continuing learning new things? I just can’t seem to find even a description of a new job I would look forward to doing.

  27. Just reading all the enthusiastic comments from people who care about happiness makes me happy on this dreary morning!

  28. I think the name “the happy at work project” is great for several reasons.

    1 It sounds great in danish “arbejdsgl

  29. I could think a yell like “yeeeeeja!!” or “yuuuuuuju!!” or something like that could make terrific presentations but would require spelling as a must and the more repetition the more chance for the domain to-be free.

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