I’m back

I’m back at work after a nice long Christmas vacation and a week’s snowboarding in France and my fantastic co-workers and I are hitting the ground running.

It wasn’t easy though – our flight back was 7 hours late(!), so I got home at 6AM on Sunday morning and had to get dressed and leave pretty much right away to do a presentation for IKEA. But when you’re an experienced speaker you don’t need sleep – you can work on adrenaline and caffeine instead :o)

Today I got to spend some quality time with my inbox today (MAN, I get a lot of mail :o) and tomorrow I’m giving two presentations at Denmark’s biggest conference for public leaders and employees. Approximately 5.000 people will be there and if you’re coming, you can find us at exhibit booth 17.

One thought on “I’m back”

  1. You look like you are having so much fun in the picture. Good for you for bringing that attitude back to work with you and spreading it around. We should all have that much fun in our jobs. :)

    My blog, http://www.womanbehappier.com, is for women who want to be happier in all parts of their lives, including work.

    Norma Joy

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