10 thoughts on “Friday Spoing!”

  1. I usually use the first method out of fear that if I do not land the second method, I will not be in the condition to get much work done.

  2. Do you think that if I was physically capable of entering the second way, I would be working at a desk job? ;)

    I get your point though.

  3. Great video. In a real workplace you can definitely see that people belong in these two distinct groups. I often wonder why people don’t try the gymnastic approach (figuratively speaking, in most cases, of course) since motion creates emotion and they might feel better as a result.

    Incredibly, even people who are in business for themselves don’t start the day with a spring in their step. I have seen them amble into breakfast networking meetings, compaining about life, when they are supposed to be impressing prospective clients and sources of business referrals with their enthusiasm and zest for life.

  4. Mette: Spoing on the inside!!

    Gerard: Point taken :o)

    Jessica: Ouch! I hope your ankle heals up soon.

    Keiran: That’s especially sad in entrepreneurs. I mean, If you’re not happy in the company you create yourself…

  5. This morning? Somewhere in between the two. Maybe a playful hop over the barricade? Some other options that would apply to me would include hurdling over in a dead sprint, crawling under with barely enough energy to survive, and crawling through (use your own imagination for the motivation).

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