6 thoughts on “Friday Spoing”

  1. Wow, I love this idea! What a creative way to add a kind, personal touch to what can be a very busy and impersonal business. It’s so neat to see the genuine reactions from the people they surprise. Thank you for sharing! (Going to go tweet this now :)

  2. I came into my workspace this morning and found a calendar with photos of Arabian horses waiting for me…the woman who gave it to me knows my husband and I own one full Arab and a couple of half-Arab horses which are part of our horseback trail riding company. The trail business is a start-up (we’re coming into our second year of full operation this summer) so we both work other jobs as well…I’ve been with my “real” employer (a government agency) for 20 years and have been fortunate to have great colleagues and supervisors, but only a few who make the effort to leave a token so tailored to my passion!

    I really enjoyed this video…I’ll be posting a link on my Facebook profile and sending it to my daughter in law, who is Dutch, as she’ll be proud to see a Dutch company called out for doing such a good job!

  3. Hmm, if KLM really wants to make people happy, give the service and room you have in your chair such that it can compete with Cathay Pacific.
    They are a good ariline, but cannot compare against Cathay Pacific.

    Sorry to be negative Alexander.

    Source: I am Dutch and have flown with both airlines.

  4. Oh, and did I mention I would LOVE to have this kind of job? Getting little special things that make people happy or just make their day memorable.

  5. This is more than just a truly a wonderful act of kindness, the airline really went all out and it must have been a wonderful campaign, not just putting a smile on the customer’s face but the staffs themselves are grinning from ear to ear as well! The look on the old women’s face is priceless. Inspirational, thanks for sharing!

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