Friday Spoing

Yesterday we had a photo shoot to get new pictures of everyone for our web sites and presentations. Here’s an example:

We’re still looking for a new name for our company so any suggestions would be much appreciated. Looking at the picture above and knowing what it is we do, what would YOU call this company?

10 thoughts on “Friday Spoing”

  1. Joy Jumpers

    You make people take a leap for their own happiness.
    You are so full of happy spoing yourself.
    You just keep jumping out of pure joy.
    You make other people take the plunge for creating more happiness at work.

    And the name fits your logo :-)

  2. I see “elation” when I look at this picture. Funny that the word “elation” appears in “relationship” as though relationships can lead to elation. Perhaps you could play around with this concept: rELATIONships. If I could do italics in the comments section, I would italicize the “elation” part in “relationships”. All the best. I love the blog, which inspired me to create a happiness-at-work award via my blog. I work for the Government of Canada.

  3. What ever happened to Spoing? I really liked that! And it matches the photo perfectly.

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