Pics from my keynote at Umbraco CodeGarden

Last week I had the pleasure of speaking at 5 very different events:

  • For 200 bankers on Tuesday
  • For 300 IT people at the Umbraco CodeGarden conference on Wednesday
  • For 60 IT people from Saab in Karlskoga, Sweden
  • For 120 people from the Danish Building Association on Friday
  • For 320 people from Estée Lauder at their Nordic Product Kick Off on Saturday in Copenhagn

And to my great pride, 4 out of these 5 events ended with a standing ovation. That is not really any serious measure of success, but lemme tell ya – it feels great :o)

Douglas Robar from Percipient Studios just sent me some great pics that he took from the Umbraco event, where I went a little out of my comfort zone and spoke not about happiness at work (I gave that speech at the same conference last year) but about how to create a great conference and a happy community. My awesome co-worker Arlette also came on stage and did a little dancing with the crowd. Yes, she made 300 IT people dance. She’s THAT good :o)

Check these pictures out:

5 thoughts on “Pics from my keynote at Umbraco CodeGarden”

  1. Hi Alexander,

    Happiness, the cornerstone of what makes life so worth living. It’s what even the super wealthy sometimes miss. One could say if there’s one thing you can learn within personal development it would be happiness.

    Keep speaking the happiness cheer to everyone!

  2. Al, I beg to differ! Success is what you define it as! If your idea of success is that everyone has a good time, then a standing ovation is an ideal indicator.

    If your idea of success is that you positively influence the lives of as many people in that room who are open to and are wanting it… then a standing ovation isn’t much to go on. Sure they had a good time, but the question remains, do they go home and be different??

    I’m sure that Alexander is good at both!

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