Happiness at work in Curacao

We’re now back after our trip to Curacao in the Caribbean where we did several gigs about happiness at work.

First we did a keynote and full-day workshop at a business masterclass arranged by JCI attended by employees and managers from both the private sector and government. We also did a half-day workshop at Banco di Caribe.

And on top of that we also did interviews with two different national TV stations. First we were on TeleCuracao’s news show, where the guest immediately preceding me was the prime minister!

Here I am on the set of CBA’s morning show, which was a blast to be on. Figuratively and literally, because something exploded on their kitchen set, moments before we went live :o)

All in all our trip was a huge success and the feedback from the participants has been phenomenal. We enjoyed it immensely and made many new friends in the Caribbean and we look forward to going again soon.

3 thoughts on “Happiness at work in Curacao”

  1. Congratulations!

    I get to be part of decisions at a tactical level – but not so much business strategic. That’s probably the right balance for the company and my own expertise.

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