Slides from Meaning Conference

Yesterday I spoke at the Meaning Conference in Brighton and it was one of the best events I have ever experienced. I was especially impressed by the incredibly ambitious theme and how it was covered brilliantly from so many interesting angles.

I also rated the conference on twitter yesterday right after it ended:

Anyway, if anyone wants’em here are my slides.

And if you’d like to see Valerie again, here she is:

Thanks for a fantastic event to the organizers and everyone who came – and see you next year for Meaning ’13.

5 thoughts on “Slides from Meaning Conference”

  1. Hi Alex,
    I agree – the conference was very refreshing & had many inspirational speakers.
    I loved your talk as well and how you got the whole audience interacting throughout – what a way to boost energy levels!
    And yes, Valerie is totally awesome!

    Thanks & hope to see you speak again soon!

    P.S. Proud to be Finnish as we also have a word for arbjedsglaede ;)

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