The Level 5 Good Morning Works!

I just got this email from Kate Matcham from Stamford Global. I spoke at one of their conferences in Copenhagen for 120 project managers – and of course also mentioned the Level 5 Good Morning.

Kate has since used it in her workplace:

Actually the level 5 good morning is working a treat – which is why I’ve kept it up!

I have a new team member that I supervise who sits next to me, and Mihaly also sits with us in the same section, which can be a bitdaunting for a new team member!! The three of us collaborate really well together, and I think the level 5 good morning has helped our new team member feel comfortable…

In fact, the three of us just worked on an urgent roll-out of our new website, and we had a great team dynamic – everyone knew their role, trusted one another, communicated perfectly. It was great.

I think the level 5 good morning was a big contributor to that… It’s hard to measure though isn’t it, you sort of just ’feel’ the effect. Anyway, thanks for the invaluable advice!

Way to go, Kate!

I’m still fascinated that such a simple thing as saying “good morning” to your co-workers can actually make a difference. But it can :o)

Here’s how you do it.

Try it and let me know how it goes!

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