Hapiness at work at SAS

sasEveryone in Scandinavia knows that SAS (the airline, not the IT company) is struggling. They almost went into chapter 11 3 weeks ago and were saved only by a new agreement with pilots and cabin crew who agreed to lower salaries and longer working hours to save the company.

So I was very interested to see how this would affect the mood among employees when I flew SAS to Tokyo 2 weeks ago for a speaking gig and a vacation in Japan.

Here’s the feedback i sent to SAS after:


My girlfriend Patricia and I recently flew to Tokyo and back and we have to compliment one of the cabin crew. I’m afraid we never got her name, but she was the only Japanese lady on the crew and she was AWESOME.

She was happy, smiling, cheerful and talked to a lot of people – us included. She also wore a badge that said “Hello Sunshine” on her uniform. She had an energy about her that simply made us happy and certainly made me want to fly SAS again.

The whole crew were good – even on the trip back when they were struggling because of missing crew members due to illness – but she was amazing.

But here’s the kicker: This Japanese lady was actually also on our flight out to Tokyo – and she remembered us on the flight back almost 2 weeks later. How she did that I have no idea. She also remembered that I didn’t have anything to eat on the flight over and was clearly concerned. Here’s one person who is very obviously committed to great customer service. Kudos!

11 hours on a plane is rarely a good experience, but she made it a happy one :o)


Alexander and Patricia

It always love to see someone who so clearly cares about their job and the people they serve.

Have you ever seen someone like that? And did you find some way to thank them after?

UPDATE: SAS replies:

Thank you for your compliments to our cabin crew.
I will be happy to pass along your compliments to her and the rest of the crew for recognition of their attitude and service level.

It is gratifying that you have taken the time to tell us of your satisfaction. Again, thank you for writing, and we look forward to welcoming you both onboard SAS in the New Year!

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