Woohoo – I’m back!

I’ve just returned from one of the most amazing speaking trips I’ve ever had.

First my company took a group of Danish business leaders to London to visit some of the best UK workplaces, including Innocent Drinks, WhatIf Innovation and Next Jump. The trip was massively inspiring and a lot of fun and the group learned a ton of best practices from these great companies.

Danish leaders visit Innocent Drinks
Danish leaders visit Innocent Drinks

After that I flew straight from London to Antigua&Barbuda to do two keynotes for Canadian software company FreeBalance. One speech was for their steering committee and the other was for a group of finance ministers from different countries.

The view from my balcony in Antigua
The view from my balcony in Antigua – click for full effect

Not only did I get to spend 4 days in Antigua, but I also got to speak to one of my most international audiences ever. The participants LOVED it and I get a major kick out of knowing that our ideas have now been spread to Mongolia, Sierra Leone, Laos, Uganda, Suriname, Kosovo and many other countries.

And this trip means that I have now spoken in 32 different countries :o)

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