Testers wanted for a new way of measuring happiness at work

surveyIt’s no secret that I am deeply sceptical of job satisfaction surveys. In fact, here’s my article on the top 10 reasons why they’re usually a waste of time.

But as the saying goes, it’s better to light a candle than to curse the darkness, so we are working on a completely new and different kind of tool to measure happiness at work.

It’ll be ridiculously simple:

  • Every Friday, every member of the team/department will get an email with 3 questions about their week. Replying should take about 30 seconds.
  • Every Monday, everyone in the team gets an email with the team’s results.
  • Replies are anonymous – no one can see who replied what.

We now need 25 teams/departments from around the world who would like to be the first to try this.

Here are the requirements for teams who’d like to participate:

  • The group must consist of 10-25 people who all want to participate
  • Everyone must have access to email
  • The questions will be in English so people must understand that
  • The test will run from September 15 to November 15
  • Once testing ends you must help us evaluate the system

If your team would like to be the first to try this, fill out the form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible to arrange your participation.

UPDATE: Holy moly, 50 teams from around the world have signed up and the beta test will start soon. We can’t accept any more teams into the test.

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