Leading with Happiness – Free Webinar December 3rd

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Update: Over 150 people have signed up already.

We believe that there is a new style of leadership emerging – one that focuses more on doing what’s good for employees and customers than on short-term profits. A form of leadership, in short, that has happiness at its core.

Join our free webinar on Wednesday December 3rd if you’d like to learn about:

  • What does happy leadership look like? How do you do it in practice?
  • How can managers themselves stay happy in their careers?
  • What are great examples of happy leaders?
  • Could it be that happy leaders ultimately create better results than traditional leaders?

Date and time: Wednesday December 3rd at noon US East coast time / 9am pacific time / 5pm GMT / 6pm Central European time.

Over 250 people signed up for our last webinar and just like that one, this one will be short (only 30 minutes) and punchy. We will get to the point quickly and leave you with new information and tools you can actually use.

The webinar will be held live on our youtube channel, so there is no login needed and no software to install. If you can watch youtube, you can join. There will be a chance to ask questions via chat.

Sign up for the webinar right here:

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