The Woohoo Partner Program is open for business

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Over the years I’ve been getting countless emails from people all over the world saying essentially the same thing:

“I love what you’re doing – is there any way I can be part of it?”

So far the answer has always been “Sorry, no” but starting today the answer is “HELL YEAH!” because the Woohoo Partner Program is now open for business!

The basic idea is simple: You can get access to all of the materials that we have created and refined over the years with clients like LEGO, Microsoft, IKEA and Shell and use them to  go create happy workplaces.

You can use all of these materials as an external consultant with your clients or you can use them internally with employees, managers and teams inside your organization to make it a happier workplace.

We’re already working with our first partners in Istanbul to help them make Turkish workplaces happier.

Here’s a short video introducing the program:

I can’t even begin to tell you how excited I am about this. Our dream is to have hundreds of partners all over the world united in a vibrant, generous, passionate community working towards the vision of a world where happiness at work is the rule and not the exception.

Read all about the Woohoo Partner Program here and let me know if you have any questions.

UPDATE: We announced the program 2 days ago and we already have applications from potential partners in Denmark, Norway, USA, Australia, Argentina, Turkey and South Africa. Keep’em coming – we want more partners from these countries and all over the world!

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