I can’t frickin’ believe how happy our clients are with us

After every keynote or workshop we do, we ask our clients to rate our work. Specifically we ask them “On a scale from 1-10 how likely are you to recommend us to others?”

And I honestly can’t believe how good our ratings are. This is an overview of the last 100 gigs ratings from our clients:

100 gigs eval oct2015 ENG

Yes, out of the last 100 gigs, 80 of them have given us a straight 10. Our lowest rating is an 8.

Our average rating is 9,7. Our NPS score (if you like that kind of thing) is 90.

I can only conclude that we are very, very, very good at this :)

So why not book us to some speak at your workplace or event? Apparently we’re awesome :)

See more of our references here or read more about our keynotes and workshops here.

3 thoughts on “I can’t frickin’ believe how happy our clients are with us”

  1. Those are awesome stats, and well-deserved, too!! Congratulations! Keep up the amazing work.

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