Hate your Job? TODAY is #InternationalQuitYourCrappyJobDay

Too many people hate their jobs but still stay in them for years. This is what we know. This is clearly a recipe for disaster for everyone who feels stuck in an unhappy work situation.

We want to change that, so we’ve declared today, March 31, to be International Quit Your Crappy Job Day and have created a web site to match at www.internationalquityourcrappyjobday.com.

On the site you can take a test to see if it might be time to quit and you can read a number of articles about quitting.

There are also a ton of stories from people who found the courage to quit bad jobs. This one is my favorite.

We want more people to quit, but more than that we want many more people to realize that they have that option. Because if you hate your job, but believe that you are not free to quit and get away, the situation gets much, much worse.

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