Today I did a speech on 50 minutes notice

OK – that’s new. At 8:30 this morning I was in a café going through my tasks and emails, when I got a call from a client asking if I could do a speech for 100 people at their offices at 9:20 the same morning. The speaker they’d booked had called in sick.

To make matters even more interesting, I’ve already spoken to the same group last year, so I couldn’t just do our standard presentation. But who doesn’t love a challenge!

I started to put together some slides that fit their current situation then got on my bike and rode over. While their leaders presented I sat in the back of the room and finished my slides just in time.

And even if this is the least notice we’ve ever had, I do believe I rocked.

2 thoughts on “Today I did a speech on 50 minutes notice”

  1. When you know your content inside out and have a clear idea of what is relevant to your audience, you have no option but to rock!

    What a great experience and I’m sure your client would have been delighted :)

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