Yikes! Check out this comment on one of my videos:

I just had a psychotic adult babyman scream directly into my face because I refused to give him a discount on an item that was already marked 75% off. I asked Karen to leave the store and of course he refused and asked to speak to the manager (even though I am a manager), so I called security and went on a break to cool down.

Anyway, I was sitting in my car and I see this imbecile leaving with his prize. The strange thing was that the security person was walking with him and then shook his hand before they parted ways. In the end Karen got what he wanted and now knows he can come back anytime and abuse more employees without any repercussions.

Perhaps I could organize a strike, or maybe just cut my losses and get as far away from the service industry as possible. Whatever the case may be, I do know one thing for certain: Whoever is responsible for that “The Customer is Always Right” pearl of wisdom should really rethink their sanity.

Let me just say that again: Yikes! It’s a betrayal of the employees to always give in to the customers who abuse them the most.

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