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The BEST way to measure employee happiness

Measuring happiness at work is a great idea and every workplace should do it because:

  • It shows employees you care about them
  • It identifies problem areas and strong points in your culture
  • It shows you what exactly to do to make employees happier and more productive

In short, if you’re not effectively and reliably measuring happiness at work, you’re missing out on one of the most effective tools to create a happier culture.

Sadly, the way most organizations do it just doesn’t work, because they measure too rarely (typically once a year) with too many questions and fail to follow up on results quickly.

We desperately wanted to fix that, so we created HeartCount – a tool that measures employee happiness weekly with very few but very relevant questions so that the organization can follow up immediately on any issues.

It’s incredibly simple:

  • Every Friday all employees get an email with 3 questions about their week.
  • They reply to those questions directly in the email. No login, no apps, no additional hassles.
  • Employees see immediate results of their input and management/HR can immediately access the data and act on any problems or wins right away.

Learn all about HeartCount and sign up for a demo here.

Disclaimer: I am a cofounder/co-owner of HeartCount and the one who came up with the idea for it, based on all the frustrations I noticed with the “regular” way of measuring satisfaction.

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Get our free ebook on how to measure happiness at work


Should workplaces measure how happy their employees are? And what are some good and bad ways to do it?

We have written an ebook that you can get completely free to help your organization figure that our. The book covers topics like:

  • Why traditional staff surveys don’t deliver the expected benefits
  • Some of the most important results from our international survey on staff attitudes towards satisfaction questionnaires
  • What workplaces gain from measuring employee happiness
  • How to measure workplace happiness more reliably and effectively
  • Real-life experiences from a workplace that found a much better approach

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