There are two cool new features in Heartcount

Heartcount has just added two great new features.

If you’re not already using Heartcount, it is the simplest tool out there for measuring happiness at work – no apps to install, no logins to remember, no nothing. Here’s how it works:

  1. Every Friday, employees get an email with 3 simple questions about their week. They respond to those questions directly in the email – that takes about 30 seconds.
  2. All employees can then immediately see how happy their team or the entire company is and management/HR can immediately access the data and act on any problems or wins right away.

Here’s our article on why this is much better than the traditional annual job satisfaction surveys.

The two new features we’ve just added give employees the chance to give feedback to each other and to management.

Praise your coworkers

Every Friday when you fill out your three questions for the week, you’re also prompted to give positive feedback to your coworkers.

You can praise anyone for anything and that person will be notified that they got positive feedback. You can also see a page with all the positive feedback given.

Here’s an example from one organization that’s currently using this new feature:

I would like to praise my colleague Sladjana. I learned a lot from her in the previous period about communication, good practices on how to lead a team, giving feedback and sharing knowledge with my team and a lot more. Thank you for helping me to be better while doing my job!

I have previously written about how important positive feedback is at work and this is a great way to encourage and amplify it in a workplace.

Give feedback to management

Employees are also invited to give feedback to or ask questions of management. If they prefer, they can give this anonymously, providing people the freedom to air all concerns or criticisms.

Learn all about HeartCount and sign up for a demo here. Right now, your organization can try it free for three months.

Disclaimer: I am a cofounder/co-owner of HeartCount and the one who came up with the idea for it, based on all the frustrations I had with the “regular” way of measuring satisfaction.

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