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Why EVERY workplace needs a culture of positive feedback – and 5 great ways to do it

No. 1Positive feedback not only feels great - it also makes us more effective.

Yet another study (this one from Harvard Business School) confirms what we all know: Receiving positive feedback makes us happier at work, less stressed and more productive. From the study:
In the study, participants... were asked … Continue Reading ››

New study confirms that positive feedback increases performance

Thumbs upYet another study confirms what we all know: Giving employees positive feedback leads to more happiness at work, less stress and better performance:
In the study, participants... were asked to solve problems. Approximately half of the participants were told to ask friends and family members to send them an … Continue Reading ››

Our new study shows bad work days are too common and what causes them

Almost 2 out of 3
Everyone has bad days at work – those really frustrating and stressful days that we just want to be over. But how how often do we have bad work days and what causes them? Our brand new survey of over 700 employees worldwide shows that bad work days are disturbingly … Continue Reading ››