Free webinar: How to stay happy when things get busy

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Are people in your workplace busy? Dumb question, right – everyone is these days.

Here are the results of one US study from 2005:

  • 26% of employees were overworked often or very often in the last month
  • 27% were overwhelmed by how much work they had to do often or very often in the last month
  • 29% often or very often didn’t have time to step back and process or reflect on the work they were doing during the last month

And this was 10 years ago – indications are that it’s only gotten worse since.

This constant busyness is not only making us unhappy and stressed at work, it’s also hurting performance and keeping us form doing our best possible work.

Join our next free webinar to learn what we can do about it. Topics include:

  • The negative effects of constant busyness on our happiness at work.
  • Why overwork is not the answer and in fact usually makes things worse.
  • Why we need time for reflection and learning at work.
  • How some people end up convincing themselves they’re busy when really they’re not.
  • How to create a workplace where people are happy even when they’re busy.

Date and time: Wednesday March 4th at noon US East coast time / 9am pacific time / 5pm GMT / 6pm Central European time.


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