#h5yr and #h5is – find out how these two cryptic twitter tags promote happiness at work.


Take a moment to check out these two websites with some slightly cryptic links:

They were created by Douglas Robar, a member of the Umbraco Community, that develops and uses the open source Umbraco CMS.

They wanted a good way to share both success and mistakes and since there are hundreds of people working with Umbraco spread out all over the world they do this through twitter.

If you want to praise a fellow member of the community for doing good work you can mention them on twitter and add the twitter tag #h5yr for High Five, You Rock (based on one of the exercises from our speeches).

If you’ve just made a mistake at work and want to share it so others can learn from your example, you can tweet about it and add #h5is for High Five, I Suck.

The two sites above list the most recent tweets that contain those two tags so the community members have a record of their successes and their failures and can appreciate and learn from both.

And remember: It’s important for a workplace to celebrate when things go well, but equally important to celebrate mistakes and failure. Here’s why.

Also note that there is no h5ys (High Five You Suck) tag. That would NOT promote happiness at work!

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