How to cope with negative feedback at work

ForbesI was interviewed for this Forbes article on how to use negative feedback at work to your advantage which I think turned out really well.

Basically, negative feedback is no fun but we need to know what we do well AND what we can do better. Unfortunately, very few workplaces have a good feedback culture.

What do you do when you’re criticised at work? Have any tips to share? Write a comment!

3 thoughts on “How to cope with negative feedback at work”

  1. You give a great perspective. It’s hard to admit that we’re not perfect and have room for improvement, but that’s the only way we can actually grow. Negative feedback is certainly not fun, but it can be useful!

  2. I reiterate what she said so she knows that I was really listening and since my boss likes to teach and is very detail-oriented, I’ll ask her if she can give me a few tips on how to perform the task better and throw in a few suggestions as well to get her feedback. I end the conversation by asking where I’m doing well so I can keep up the good work which is my way of helping her to remember where I excel. This also shows her that out of everything that I do, she’s got few complaints and gives her the confidence to give me more responsibilities.

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