5 ways to boost your career with happiness

In this hilarious and insightful speech, Rowan Manahan explains that happiness at work (in Danish: arbejdsglaede) is not a pipe dream but the best way to get your dream job, boost your career and become more successful.

Why don’t people pay a little more attention (and a whole lot more respect!) to their own happiness — and what happens when they do?

Rowan argues that this is the next evolutionary leap that mankind will make and has some simple, practical, and actionable steps that you can take to come out of the Dark Ages in your working life and into the Age of Enlightenment.

The speech is from our Arbejdsglaede Live! 2013 conference, held annually in Copenhagen Denmark in May.

About Rowan Manahan:
Rowan Manahan is the author of the best-seller, Where’s My Oasis? (The Essential Handbook for Everyone Wanting That Perfect Job) and Ultimate CV (Trade Secrets from a Recruitment Insider). He serves as an External Lecturer for Trinity College Dublin, Bochum University, the National College of Ireland, Dublin Institute of Technology, and Froebel College of Education. He is a frequent conference speaker and appears regularly in the media sharing his expertise and advice.

Rowan loves good minds, great music, chop-sockey videos and smelly cheese. He variously describes himself as an author, insultant, storyteller, TEDx curator, husband, father, and dancing bear.

His Mantra is: “We are 98.5% chimpanzee, 1.5% civilized human being.”

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