It’s nice to see that Fast Company agrees with me on the values and pitfalls of metrics :o) Here’s a current Fast Company article on the “what gets measured gets done” thinking. And here’s one I wrote a while back, and a more recent one. Fast Company: In fact, the jobs that are most effectively … Continue reading Metrics

What get’s measured get’s done: True or False?

I’ve heard it often: What get’s measured get’s done. It’s especially popular among proponents of Balanced Scorecards and similar management tools. I think it’s wrong. Click more and I’ll tell you why I think so. Well first of all, what does the statement mean? Most often it’s used as a reason to measure performance in … Continue reading What get’s measured get’s done: True or False?

Book review: The soul at work

Complexity science is appearing more and more often in business literature (and just about everywhere else). This book with the subtitle “unleashing the power of complexity science for business success” shows a better way to manage organizations than the old command-and-control way, and describes some of the tools needed to get there. It helped put … Continue reading Book review: The soul at work