Let’s play some Personality Poker

Steve Shapiro’s new book Personality Poker comes out next week (October 28, to be precise) and I really, really urge you to get it.

I’ve been fortunate enough to’ve read both an early draft and an advance copy of the book and it’s one of the best and most useful business books I’ve ever read. And of course it’s much more than just a book – it comes with a deck of Personality Poker playing cards, Steve’s brilliant invention for learning more about yourself, your co-workers and your employees.

We’ve been using Personality Poker for 2 years now in our work and it’s an absolutely awesome tool for creating more innovation, energy and happiness in teams. It’s fun, simple and fast but still give people a genuine insight into their personalities.

The book itself is a fun and easy read of about 240 pages with tons of real-life examples – exactly the kind of business book I love and actually manage to read. As opposed to those 400-page theory-filled tomes that I really ought to read, but which always end up gathering dust on a shelf somewhere.

Possibly the only drawback of the book is the section on page 195-199 about this weird guy from Denmark who is apparently some sort of workplace happiness guru… I mean, how bizarre is that :o)

Read more about the book here.

The Chief Happiness Officer says: “Buy this book!”

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