Two Danish bosses surprise their employees in the morning

Carsten and Karsten, two sales managers at Danish company Solar, wanted to do something nice for their employees.

Early one Monday morning, they stood at the entrance and greeted every employee with a cheerful “good morning” and a breakfast they could take to their desks.

This a great example of a “random act of workplace kindness”. Have you ever done something surprising and nice for a co-worker? Let us know in a comment.

3 thoughts on “Two Danish bosses surprise their employees in the morning”

  1. When I was a manager I put random reminders into my calendar to go and give recognition to one of my staff every day. It helped me develop an eye for people’s strengths, and it was surprising how well they received it

  2. I always believed that people just want to be valued. That way they will always repay the recognition that someone, whether it be work or friends. I seen it happen many times.

    I am reminded of this lovely quote and I am not sure who it is from – “The most valuable gifts a human can give to others are sharing and caring. Share what you have, care for whom you have.”


  3. Yes, we did! This summer we made afterwork Happy Hour and surprised our employees by serving the food/drinks. All top management were dressed as waitresses. It was great experience . To teach staff how to please customers we all showed example by ourselves)

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