An honest company

Imagine a company that practices total, uncompromising honesty in their advertising. If they have a great product they’ll say so. And if they’re trying to sell you something mediocre, they’ll tell you that too. They might actively warn you along the lines of “Don’t expect good service from these people” or “The product here is nothing to write home about”, or even “If you have any complaints talk to Benny. If he breaks down crying, ignore it, it’s just a trick he uses.”

Do you think a company like that could possibly survive?

That is in fact a trick question. The company exists and is doing great. It’s a danish travel agency called C&C Travel, and they’ve been successfully in business for years. They’re main areas of expertise are Thailand and the Philippines, but they’re now also offering trips to China, Indochina and South America.

All the previous quotes are taken straight from their website. The guy who breaks down crying is the chef at their Philippine’s resort Coco Beach.

C&C travel also have a few other extraordinary characteristics:
Apart from their honesty in advertising, they also exhibit an extremely high degree of social responsibility towards the countries they work with. They organize and engage in numerous efforts to help the local populations.

They focus on the well-being of their employees, and when you deal with them, it’s clear that their employees are highly motivated and skilled.

They are very creative in their business, and no idea is too weird. Which is why they have trips that combine Thailand and Norway!

I had the supreme pleasure of travelling with these guys to Thailand and the Philippines last year, and it was the best vacation I ever had. I recommend them highly. Right now I’m looking at one of thier South America trips, preferably one that combines Argentina and Brazil.

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