Book review: Getting to yes

This is the classic book about negotiating, from way back in 1980. I like the book, because it stresses a positive mode of negotation. A mode that is based on honesty, integrity, fairness and mutual understanding.

The basic view is, that in a negotiation, the two extreme positions are hard and soft. Hard negotiators are adversaries, soft negotiators want to be friends. And between these two poles stands the principled negotiator, who ses himself and the other side as problem solvers. A very constructive view.

The book is full of concrete advise for many situations where you’re trying to reach agreement. The techniques can be used on the job, at home, anywhere.

The only drawback of the book, is that much of it seems familiar. The book is so popular, that many courses are based on it, so you may have seen some of the material before.

Still, it’s cheap, so get it and see if you still have something to learn about negotating.

Interestingly enough, the negotiating style that the authors recommend, seems very similar to the conecpt of open dialogue that pops up everywhere these days. In dialogue, you do not defend different view points, you explore different views together. You do not necessarily judge every statement, and you certainly don’t judge the person making the statement.

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