Synergic rule

I found a very interesting article by Timothy Wilken about synergic wealth and synergic rule. It examines the idea, that we would all be much wealthier if we pooled our resources instead of fighting over them. I can certainly agree to that.

Then it goes on to explore synergic rule or synocracy. This is a form of rule that is not based on majority decisions. Instead matters are discussed by all involved parties, and no decision is made, untill everybody is comfortable with the decision. The key point is, that if a decision entails a loss to somebody, that loss should be acknowledged and shared by everybody.

I find the idea extremely inspiring, and it repeats some themes from a few of my favourite books of late, namely Margaret Wheatley’s A simpler way and Tor Nørretranders’ Det generøse menneske. The former focuses on a new world view based on cooperation rather than competition, while the latter studies the origin and function of generosity in humans.

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