Job satisfaction and the bottom line

Gallup have a report from a study involving 200.000 emplyees from 36 different companies, that clearly links high job satisfaction with good financial results. Among other things the report shows that satisfied employees result in:
* Much lower employee turnover rates
* Higher customer loyalty
* Higher sales
* Higher profit margins

This is great news for my Project Happiness at Work. And I would love to add something to this study.

To me “job satisfaction” seems like a very limited ambition. I would personally never settle for being satisfied with my job. I do my best work and feel much better when I’m deeply engaged, professionally challenged and experience constant personal development at work.

So what would be the economic impact of a happy workforce, as opposed to one that is merely satisfied. I suspect the the gains could be enormous, but I’ll be the first to admit that I have no hard data to support this personal belief. Do you know of any studies in this area? Drop me a comment.

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