Book review: Cryptonomicon

Okay, here’s a novel in which the central themes are cryptology (making and breaking codes), nerds and world war II. Sounds boring, huh? But Cryptonomicon by Neal Stephenson is an amazing work and it’s 900 pages do not contain a single boring passage.

The story is amazingly complex and has as many as five parallel tales set either during world war ii or today. Nerds, marines, scientists and one very strange priest from a mysterious order, all involved in plots and counter-plots that span more than 50 years.

There’s gold to be found in the jungle or beneath the sea and money to be made in high tech. There’s sensitive data that must be protected from competitors and from hostile takeovers. There’s your personal freedom which must be protected from government intrusion. These themes form the background for an amazingly rich cast of characters, each character being highly unorthodox or even downright excentric yet totally believable. There’s amazing dialogue. Surprising plot twists A style that is simply fantastic. The book is challenging, but very much worth it. In fact, this is my favourite book. Read it!

4 thoughts on “Book review: Cryptonomicon”

  1. Cryptonomicon is an amazing book. Three words: Read It Now.. :o)

    Best thing is; Neal Stephenson has finally finished his next book Quicksilver which is loosely related to Cryptonomicon. It’s due out in October, but Amazon is already taking pre-orders. I can’t wait to receive it in the mail.. :o)

  2. Ooh yeah. I just hope that quicksilver which is about alchemy in the middle ages can live up to my expectations. It even has a Waterhouse (who’s a friend of Newtown and Leibnitz) and an Enoch Root.

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