Practice of peace – part 1

You know, when I planned my trip to the US and planned to fly from DC to Seattle, I was kinda thinking “OK, domestic flight, how long can it be – 2-3 hours?” Well, flying across the US takes five and a half hours!

I’m now at the Practice of Peace conference, and it’s quite a far cry from the CEO round table. The round table was at a fancy Marriott hotel – here I share a room with two other guys one of whom snores constantly, though fortunately not very loudly. The round table meetings were in your traditional windowless conference room, here it’s this grand hall with windows, wooden beams and skylights. But notice, that where the luxury hotel had wired internet access in the rooms at $9.95 a day, this place has free wi-fi. Woohoo!

The conference is just taking off, but I think I may have overextended myself, and I’m afraid I’m all conferenced out. Let’s see what happens. Oh, I talked briefly to Harrison Owen – seems like a very nice person.

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  1. A,
    Love reading your blog! My mind is still racing too! Wishing you strength to finish strong in your peace conference. Thank you for sharing your heart and vision at the CEO roundtable. Hope to see you again and share more of the journey.

    Do you know this quote?
    "When our eyes see our hands doing the work of our hearts, the circle of Creation is completed inside us, the doors of our souls fly open and, love steps forth to heal everything in sight." Micheal Bridge

    For me it seems to fit the overall vision shared by us all in D.C.

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