Happy at work conference

I’m very proud to announce the happy at work conference on May 27 in Copenhagen.

We have a great program for the day, with more action and less talk than most conferences. And in a novel twist, we’re making the day a “Powerpoint free zone”. There are many great ways to use Powerpoint – and many bad ones. We thought we’d try and see what happens when you can’t use it for a whole day.

We have some great speakers, including Mads Kjaer, the CEO of Denmarks best workplace, and Jesper Bove-Nielsen, the author of Corporate Kindergarten.

Here are a couple of banners you can use, if you’d like to help us advertise the conference:

0 thoughts on “Happy at work conference”

  1. This looks like such a great time! I assume it will be mostly/totally in Danish? Pity. I am sure there is so much I could learn.

    And I love the PowerPoint Free Zone. When I started doing business presentations I was surprised when people would thank me for NOT using PowerPoint.

    May 27 is going to be great!!!!


  2. Yep, it’s in danish.

    I’m really excited about the PP-free thing. And it seems to speak to people. I think we’re about ready for a revolt against boring, powerpoint reading speakers.

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