1 Arena, 2 Arenas…

Almost a year ago, we started Arena in Copenhagen. It’s since become an interesting workplace and meeting place for lots of small innovative businesses in IT, architecture, consulting and much more.

A few months ago, we got a visit from 2 swedish guys looking to start something similar in Malmoe (in Sweden, very close to Denmark), and Thomas Mygdal and I gave them the grand tour of Arena and explained our thoughts and ideas.

It must have struck a chord with them, because they started Arena Malmoe, based on the same basic concepts. Of course we’re delighted to see our ideas spread, and will help them get going any way we can.

We had a meeting today with them and with Kent from United Spaces, which is a huge office Space in Stockholm. We decided to start a network, so that our member can use each others locations. This means, that I now have access to office facilities in Copenhagen, Malmoe, Stockholm, Oslo, London and Barcelona. and that people from those places can drop in at our Arena to work if they want to. How cool is that?

This is an excellent example of a good idea spreading almost by itself, simply because it’s allowed to. We might also have tried to franchise and license the Arena concept, but it very likely wouldn’t go anywhere. By simply releasing the idea “into the wild”, it gets a chance to spread, and so far it seems to be spreading.

If anybody else is looking to start a fun, creative office space, let us know. We’d be happy to help!

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  1. This is just FUN-nta-stic!!!!

    Ideal idea for network organisations!!!

    I’m about to start something and would love to exchange some ideas with you. A couple of new public buildings/spaces here seem to be inviting for some creative work with young people at non-official working times… An idea to utilise time (extra time) here in addition to space maybe.

    Wow! Would love to explore further!

    Alex, you are a well of fantastic ideas (and ways to make them real!). Thanks.

    What a huge/small world of possibilities, this is, indeed!

  2. Thanks Maria :o)

    We would love to share the ideas of Arena any way we can. To me, Arena has been an immensely valuable source of connections, help, fun and chances to help others.

    And on a purely practical level, it’s a cheap place for a small business to operate, other than at home (which drives me crazy after a shirt while).

  3. Alex,

    I too want to add my big Iowa-style thank you for the encouraging blogs and courageous pursuit of happiness!

    Is there an English summary of how Arena works?

    And…yes I know…what is an Iowa-style thank you??? I wish I knew myself!!! Grin.


  4. Alex!

    Arena = sand in Spanish.

    You say it’s a "cheap place for a small business to operate, other than at home".

    I would love corporations to build on that idea and maybe even use your services. I mean, say I work in a cubicle with other 4 people. But I hardly see them or talk to them because I don’t need to. I might work from home, at least most of the time. But I don’t want to work from home: keep the equipement, shave-then-stay, home is not for work … Perhaps the corporation can hire a desk for me in your place, and I can live away from the big city!

    Is that the idea?

    Yes, please, translate what Arena is about!

  5. Lucas,

    That is very much the idea. So far it’s only been small companies working there. But larger organizations could use it as a base in Copenhagen, if they don’t have offices here. They can use it for project workers as you describe or they could use it as an innovation center. If their offices are boring and traditional, have your creative people work at Arena, where they’re sure to be inspired by all the cool projects going on.

  6. …Sandy, handy and inspiring!…

    I can see me working there in the Danish "summertime"…Building sand-castles or something… ;-)


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