Measuring happiness

Mike Wagner pointed me to this article in Business 2.0 on measuring happiness.

Does money really buy happiness? Not in Japan, apparently. Even the United States, the alleged capital of materialism, is not nearly as happy as its per capita income suggests it should be. Colombians and Costa Ricans, on the other hand, claim a level of satisfaction with their lives that is totally out of proportion with their income.

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  1. Amen to that!! It is crazy cycle because when you make more money you need to keep making it to keep up with all the stuff you keep buying…a never ending cycle.

  2. Yeah. I saw an interesting distinction, based on whether your ambitions are focused on having or being.

    Is your ambition to have more money, a bigger car, a more important job title? Or do you focus on what you want to be?

    It seems like being is deeper and truer than having.

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