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At the Interactive Organizations Conference 2004, I offered the idea of creating an international IO, based on the happy at work project.

Instead of getting all theoretical, we could simply organize around the purpose of making people happy at work, and create an IO for just that. Here’s the idea: We already have some proven methods and technologies in the work we do in Denmark. We have lectures, a workshop, a book, a game, a video, a conference and much more. All of this we are willing to give away to anyone who’s interested in using it, and we’ll make this the basis of the world-wide happy at work project.

If you’re interested in participating in this drop me an email. The exact details are still a little hazy – but mostly, I think it could be a LOT of fun :o)

Here are a few thoughts on the structure:

We (happy at work, Denmark) throw everything we have into the pot. This does not obligate anyone else to do the same.

Once a year we need to get together for an international conference, which we’ll take turns hosting.

As few as possible. I’m thinking that the main obligation is a deep interested in making people happy at work.

If you use a concept developed by someone else and like it, you might consider paying them something for it.

If you improve a concept developed by someone else, you might consider telling them about the improvement so we can all learn.

It would be nice to have a community where you can seek help, input, ideas, support and more.

We could host an international website, and local people could do local translations.

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