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We took a look at our current website for the Happiness at Work Project, and found it to be horribly crowded! There’s information about us, our products and our results. And there’s articles, news, resources, downloads and lots of other stuff. Too confusing!

So we split out all the resources stuff to a new website which you can find at or at

So far most of the pages are in danish only, BUT soon we will translate most of the site to english, and thus have our first international website (YAAAAY).

The site is (of course) a 100% open source solution. It’s running on a linux server hosted by Logical and the site itself is running on an excellent, free, open source solution called eGroupWare. Open Source Software ROCKS!

2 thoughts on “New website”

  1. From "The quickest way to make employees happy is to fire all the unhappy people!"

  2. Looking forward to more English on your new site. I know I should be working on my Danish, but for practical purposes I have been adding Spanish to my vocabulary.

    Celebrating at your progress!

    Sincerely, Mike

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