Book review: Managing to have fun

True or false: Having fun at work contributes heavily to an organization’s success!

If you have any doubts about this statement, Managing to have fun by Matt Weinstein may have some arguments to turn your thinking around.

If you already agree, the book is packed with inspiration, stories and tips to help you have more fun and play more at work.

In my thinking, fun is just one aspect of making people happy at work, but the good thing about fun is that it is:
* Cheap
* Instantaneous
* Available to everyone

One of my favourite stories from the book is about Ben&Jerry’s the notoriously anarchistic ice-cream manufacturer started by two Hippies. They (obviously) have no formal, corporate dress-code, so rather than “casual fridays” they sponsor “clash dressing day” where employees put on their worst matching outfits. And one time they sponsored “corporate day”, where everybody came to work in suits, ties, dresses, etc… and loved it :o)

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