Pixar gets it

The Holllywwod way of organizing a movie is by using only contract labour. The vast majority of movie people, from grips and gaffers to high-paid actors, are in essence self-employed and are hired for one movie at a time.

Pixar goes against this trend, by focusing on people:

Contracts allow you to be irresponsible as a company. You don’t need to worry about keeping people happy and fulfilled. What we have created here – an incredible workspace, opportunities to learn and grow, and, most of all, great co-workers – is better than any contract.

We’ve made the leap from an idea-centered business to a people-centered business. Instead of developing ideas, we develop people. Instead of investing in ideas, we invest in people. We’re trying to create a culture of learning, filled with lifelong learners. It’s no trick for talented people to be interesting, but it’s a gift to be interested. We want an organization filled with interested people.

Says Randy S. Nelson, the dean of Pixar University.

Among the advatages cited are:
* People learn to work more efficiently together through long-term collaborations
* People can better support each other through difficult creative processes
* A culture of learning
* People have more fun

Also check out the amazing offices at Pixar.

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