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PowerPoint-Free ZoneI’m with Edward Tufte and Kathy Sierra on this one. I never use PowerPoint in my presentations because it:

  • Limits interaction and spontaneity
  • Focuses people’s attention on the slides rather than on what’s happening in the room
  • Often requires dim, snooze-inducing lighting

There are great uses of PowerPoint too, but why risk it when doing your presentations “live” makes them:

  • More fun
  • More interactive and dynamic
  • More interesting

So a while back we got our excellent designer to create a cool logo to celebrate the fact that out presentations are 100% PowerPoint-free zones.

We’re now releasing this logo under a Creative Commons license, so go ahead and use it if you want to go PowerPoint-free too.

The logo is available in Danish, Swedish and English and the CC license allows you to change it to your language if you’d like to.

Get the logo here:

PowerPoint-Free Zone PowerPoint-Free Zone PowerPoint-Free Zone
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Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.5 License.

6 thoughts on “CC-licensed PowerPoint-Free Zone logo”

  1. This is a nice and really humorous idea! Thumbs up! & let’s hope for more and more powerpoint free zones, both in the academic and business world…


  2. I am in total agreement that Powerpoint is so old-fashioned and corny. Can anyone suggest alternatives to PP which are easy to use, easy to deliver, and also engage the audience?

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