BatteryScott H. Young has a great post on enthusiasm:

Enthusiasm is like any other skill. If it is continually practiced and exercised, it gets better. If it is not, then it will atrophy. Enthusiasm rarely comes naturally and it must be the result of conscious effort. Practicing the ability to use enthusiasm can keep you excited and driven even in horrible circumstances.

Go read it, it’s a great piece.

My ability to be enthusiastic is without a doubt my greatest skill. When some new idea really grabs me, my enthusiasm

  • Makes me do something about it
  • Helps me get others involved by infecting them with enhusiasm
  • Gives me the energy to get through the difficult parts and the problems
  • Lets me believe I can do it – or at least that it will be fun trying

Enthusiasm also gives me a certain half-blind optimism. I see mostly the opportunities and internally minimize problems and risks. Which is a great thing when you’re trying to do something big.

Looking back, all of the greatest things I have achieved look nearly impossible on paper. If I hadn’t had my enhusiasm to slightly blind me to the challenges involved, I would probably never have tried it. And I certainly wouldn’t have succeeded.

So I say be enthusiastic – and let it show!

4 thoughts on “Enthusiasm”

  1. Thanks for the link. I really like your point on how enthusiasm infects others around you. This is what I believe the real power of genuine enthusiasm is. Genuine enthusiasm seems to have a magical persuasive power.

  2. You’re welcome.

    Yes, genuine enthusiasm is highly infectious. But it has to be genuine! Fake enthusiasm, as in “top management has decided that from now on all TPS reports must feature a new cover sheet, isn’t that great?”, results only in cynicism.

  3. Alex, when you say – “My ability to be enthusiastic is without a doubt my greatest skill.” I heartily second that thought! It is your great gift that you give to those around you.

    And you are right about Scott’s posting – very well said!

    Keep creating enthusiasm, Mike

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